Qin Shi Huang Di

By: Steven Tao Zheng


Twelve bronze giants guard E Pang palace

Their shadows since faded from tumult and malice

August Emperor who swallowed kingdoms of seven

By a blood-filled ritual of desecration


How many men have bloodied their hands

To fall dismembered under cruel commands

To carve a necropolis to their pitiful death

To build a wall until their final breath


How many scrolls with words of gold

Words of wisdom traditions old

Piled in heaps beside bodies buried alive

Diffused in smoke all thought-deprived


Your lavish tomb inlaid with flawless pearls

Winding rivers rush with quicksilver swirls

You filled the underworld with anguished souls

Silenced by soldiers armed with triggered bows





Money Dependence – The Vacuum of Debt

By: Tao Steven Zheng

There’s something awfully wrong about being rewarded painted rectangles after hours, days, and years of work…


Money is largely virtual

Created out of thin air

Dispensed from banks to their “customers”

At quasi-arbitrary rates so

People can purchase packaged crap

In order to feel a momentary euphoria

Between bouts of misery


Lawyers work with big government to

Milk men of their dignity and worth

Into the living dead


Universities discard knowledge in favour of ideology

Dumbing down education

Rounding up the youth

To fill the campus with white elephants

And ivory towers


Artists assault our eyes and ears

With vacuous expressions and obscene arrangements


The food we ingest slowly poisons us day by day

So doctors can deal us drugs

That big pharma sells to extend our lives by one more day








Lost in a spiral of infinite desires

Empty minds empty their wallets